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Frequenty asked questions

How secure is Ethercard?

Ethercard is built on Ethereum blockchain. Since our smart contract runs on a decentralized network, no one (including the creators) can tamper with its content. The contract code is available on Etherscan and is publicly verifiable. The smart contract is coded in such a way that only a person with the correct coupon code can redeem the gift card.

Why do I see an alert asking me to install MetaMask or Mist?

In order to send and receive ethers you need a wallet. Please create a wallet using a service like My Ether Wallet, MetaMask, Mist etc. Once you create a wallet you need an Ethereum browser like MetaMask/Mist to interact with our service. We recommend using MetaMask as it's light-weight and doesn't require you to run an Ethereum node.

Do you charge any fees?

We charge a 1% fee when you load ETH into the gift card.

What is gas price?

Every operation that can be performed by a transaction on Ethereum costs a certain number of gas. It makes sure that an appropriate fee is being paid by the transactions which eventually goes to the miners in the blockchain.

Will I get an order receipt?

Once you send the gift card, we'll send you an order receipt with the coupon code. Please don't lose this code as you'll need this to initiate a refund in case you change your mind. Do note that we won't be able to refund you the 1% service fee deducted while loading ETH into the card.